Careless Talk

So how will this [sh!]
viral infection expose
modern insecurities –
will roaming decline?

[They sit at metre spaces sipping slow coffees – quite
European – now forsaken until our anxieties rewind]

Our thin copper wires
were not designed to
grip our selfish loads –
ties bind us tighter to

[My client rings & we laugh off sicknesses & dire ends –
but our retirement policies have taken another thump]

extraction & supplies
from far places – ores
& cereals will stop as
ships halt & we watch

[She is over seventy & feels as if this was planned – as
if this was a useful plague to rid our NHS of zombies]

as emissions pale on
charts [Inversions of
doubling disease may
balance it all] We fail

[Careless talk costs lives – I see they have contingency
plans – they had social care sorted – this’ll do for it all]

again to incite [or thrill]
on pole-pulled cables
[imported a while ago
before talking ended]