2,000 Jokes

Mike Bell/ June 17, 2021/ www.mikebellpoems.com/ 0 comments

Down in the basement of
Brighton’s Komedia they
sank beer & wines whilst
supping on stage humour

[‘tween ripped-at bags of
crisps – side plates of thin
chips appeared] & then –
our compère threw vents

of disgrace – her polemic
spew of so-pained-by-life-
facts – a comic stood still
centre stage – mic-smiled

as practiced – one not to
go off-script [no ad-lib at
this stage of her career] –
The booze sat heavy – a

fourth pint that night – as
crafted jokes poured out –
as laughter grew in kind –
darker jokes eyed inside

about loves & leniency – a
kind of disturbing lust – it
would crack them up [my
two-hander – about it all]

but I’m best sat unspoken –
to run-through poor verse
in my head [two thousand
jokes? – too broken to say]

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