Missing Out, for DS

It’s after midnight,
actually one o’clock,
she is asleep,
and I cannot turn off;

I endure the exhaustive,
late-hour crush,
for slept ones, I live for,
who count so much.

I am half-unique,
my diseased-feature;
I am still awake,
a nocturnal creature.

Tonight it’s no different,
my keyboard rattles,
no song in my head
and that also matters.

How Not to Die

Mandawuy, given,
of Yolgnu people,
his skin name ‘Gudjuk’,
writing songs for his nation;

he was labelled, briefly,
‘Australian of the Year’,
his coronation late –
Gubba man’s idea.

Ill, but on stage,
with his band Yohtu Yindi,
his crown re-found,
in the grace of singing;

his voice, so loud,
again dream-gripping,
with a re-cast lifeline,
thrown by performing.

He said: “I am not dying”,
his beliefs in living,
he went, a sorry business,
to the Eternal Dreaming,

‘The Healing Song’ incomplete,
but he always sung the words,
connected “to mother earth
and the universe”.


“Racism is a disease… We’re all equal..
I don’t care what their colour is,
or religion….as long as they’re human..
they’re my buddies.”

Mandawuy Yunupingu
17 September 1956 – 2 June 2013