Poetry Workshop – Year5/6

Thank you Heidi Greenwood for arranging my morning of fun!

I enjoyed a fabulous time at Little Horsted Primary School [http://www.thelifecloud.net/schools/LittleHorstedCESchool/ ], first with an assembly, in which we discussed Parkinson’s. I then read the school the poem I had written in advance for them –https://mikebellpoems.com/2016/04/18/sweet-truth/ – and then we went into a poetry workshop for Year 5/6.

What a brilliant group of kids – we came up with the idea of writing a poem about ‘Caring’ – the subject being one of my PD irks – who cares for the carers?

The class self-elected subjects of ‘care’ ranging from a Granny (with a fictional history of wrong-doing), to football clubs, elephants, and everything in between!

In the beautiful weather we completed edits outside, with them speaking out the poems, to iron out final glitches. Then they read them out to the class.

My parting gift from them was very touching [I love chocolate].

I look forward to returning to judge the competition & showing them a film of me jumping out of an aircraft & screaming – please sponsor me here –https://www.justgiving.com/fundraising/Mike-Bell9?

Thank you Little Horsted for embracing Parkinson’s UK – from a gratefulYoung Parkinson’s Network member.


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