September 2016

Rosetta Met Her End

I never saw her selfies,
just her last few shots,
on her lonesome way
to hit 67P’s rocks


Puddings of shame!
Cover thine chunks!
Your sugary delights,
they offend Mr Hunt.

B-movie Bodies

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‘Hurry up and wait’,
she laughed it,
with her American beauty,
re-cast in the shadows,
there, where we stand,
bodies, on this film lot


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Dad has a suit for the funeral, and time for a balcony fag, as the middle kid kicks a ball, playing alone, ‘cos dad is… Read More »Gran

M. D.

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If there was a hard way,
or an easy way,
I would always choose
the hard way


Oh, F*ck, Oh F*ck,
Hillary’s ill!
Time to ‘OD’
on sleeping pills!

Men Fall In Love With You

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There – again – a man falling in love with you
From outside – in the dark – looking up
I could read his thoughts at twenty-five yards
through their bare double glazing …/