Men Fall In Love With You

There – again – a man
falling in love with you –
From outside – in the dark –
looking up – as I walked
to the house – to the party –
I could read his thoughts
at twenty-five yards –
through the double glazing –
as he engaged himself
with more than your words

Even across that distance –
I can stand inside him –

in his forwardness –
and I will unfix his smile –

slur his slightly-drunk words –
thus letting him falter –

adjust his laughter
to minimise its effect –

I would make him worry –
too much – about his bad breath

But – instead – I know my place
is this side of the glass
where I can watch you –
if I want to –
seeing how you make men
fall in love with you –
in that accidental way
of sweet smiles and
eye contact – the attractions
that you make


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