Putin’s Law

Multiply subordinates, not your rivals, as Parkinson's Law stands, as it applies: Nothing to do with shuddered disease, more about huge bureaucracies: A law equally applied to the world's leaders, with their hidden desire for sinister pleasures. Putin has studied this arcane resolve, he's running America through Trump's arsehole.  


The distance, my distance, on our late-traipse home, we split, slipped in time, stonewall of town's slope, to the bells' commands of Holy Cross Church: with books, our language, of moments mis-heard: This distance, my distance, you shall have to forgive, as long as such distances are not distances long-lived.  

Last Minute

'Twas the last Saturday before Christmas, and a panic ensued, a present for his mother, even though she's so rude; you dive into Smiths, lacking Xmas inspiration, you come out carrying others' foul perspiration. Instead buy a scarf, from the crap-gift store, but such selfless endeavour doesn't bring you rewards. You're home, empty-handed, so knock … Continue reading Last Minute