Trust Nobody

Politicians are liars,
the priests are hypocrites,
the estate agents sell boxes
to meet their sales targets:

The doctors can’t be trusted,
as the dentists drill for gold,
the copper’s lot is valuable,
cells ready to be sold:

Kick the state-aid scroungers,
those thieves of your pounds,
remove such leeches from the books
and claim the moral ground.

Austerity and denial
are the liars’ superior sneer,
as our kids fare worse than us,
with their future’s full of fear.

Take on the Tory values
of reduction and rebuke,
give the holders of our fate
a grip they’ll not reduce:

And in a year we will hear
the sound of ten years gone,
the birthing screams of austerity
will be the loudest ones.

As our kids reboot this island,
set adrift by Brexiteers,
they may ask of us, the voters,
how did it come to this?

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