That’s All Folks

We are suckled
on distortions
of God-given truths
before widescreen tales

Anthropomorphism Rules

Recall childhood absurdities
e.g. Tom and Jerry
showing ink-stained human ways
drawn on pets and pests

We squeeze other species
into a blender of credibility
Perhaps our normalised violence
was induced by cartoon irons

those height-dropped anvils
cast by Dastardly’s Muttley
alongside Disney’s kingdoms
of deviations from the norm

We have taken all naming rights
and re-arranged such old orders

No wonder
that we no longer see
any natural way in this world

Last Rites

Our common death knell
will gift all of its peals
to our last take of breath

when our slumping toil
over affairs and matters

played over three score
years and ten or less

is then too much to endure

whilst that loud exhalation
is a rush of dead air
of no known words

Do not let those priests
lecture my kids after this