April 2019


Our house complainsof his heavy feet overhead – quick as excited heartbeatsbut then still-stopped to my gone voice in our playof Grandmother’s Footsteps once commanding… Read More »Competitors

Not Undressed

Last night there was an uncured intimacy between three old lovers of common threads These damaged nights are my fluid playground of sex and rekindled… Read More »Not Undressed

Words Burn

VLADIMIR: You should have been a poet. ESTRAGON: I was. [Gesture towards his rags.] Isn’t that obvious. [Silence.]  Waiting for Godot. Samuel Beckett A whole… Read More »Words Burn

Waiting Rooms

You’re not qualified enough by your distrust of cocaine and an ageing disinterest in disreputable bedrooms Stay in – keep it straight and look after… Read More »Waiting Rooms

The Loose Path

Seeing our lover despondent and in crisis, in tears and unable to cope can reassure us that,for all their virtues, they are not alienatingly invincible.Alain… Read More »The Loose Path