October 2019

Mad Men

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Nostalgia –
Don Draper said –
is of Hellenic origin –
an old sensation –
pain from a wound…. /

Chelsea Girl

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Nico took me on a trip
across a leatherette couch
at young Mr Warhol’s
last gallery party

My unpaired bookend

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My unpaired bookend
An unescorted
found not wanting

Birch Polypore

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Scores of lady’s gloves reach
out on this chain sawn patch
whilst less urgent saplings
have slower ambitions


It is as if
every clock
is set to
other zones… /


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I am a tightrope walker
with my filled wheelbarrow
steered – nervous weights
before me – held dead-straight… /

Once More

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There is such scant chance
of any long term escape
from your rusting suffixes
now all time is in half-light… /


Lucent – your erstwhile shining was stolen from my eyes but still seen clasped in old retained rings You mislaid one stone – you put… Read More »Lucent