#2,627 For too long I was told

Mike Bell/ February 26, 2023/ www.mikebellpoems.com

For too long I was told
sex is pure commodity
& love is a component
of such trade –
an easy
mistake given things –
taking into account all
that occurred
wants] –
I am reading –
Isherwood’s George et
[in Bordeaux –
in a
corporate hotel] –
As if
being solitary is now a
holiday for single men
in these days of online
sex –
would it be easier
if I gave in?
I would put
an oiled barrel against
my temple –
in my
[trembled] hand
& balanced by its grips
of what-ifs & why-nots
[my priming about sex
in another life] –
springing –
me hesitant

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