#2,688 A Bus Poem – Requested

Mike Bell/ June 17, 2023/ www.mikebellpoems.com

Number 28’s rattle & thrum
on rural tarmac’ll combine
with a screaming girl [& her
manly admirers] – some off
at Ringmer Green – then to
vom’ all that vodka up on a
rarely walked country path
that’ll spill her home – Vast
is that man snuffling kebab
[he apologised ‘bout a foul
smell as he boarded] – Out
at Raystede another drunk
to stagger her way back on
a narrow unlit B-road – this
is a last bus out to Uckfield
& a ropy nightclub [second
worst in England – it says] –
my rale ride to Sheol’s stop

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