A Coffee Morning

Mike Bell/ March 1, 2022/ www.mikebellpoems.com/ 0 comments

& she’d swedge at ‘em [those
[mainly] men shoved around
a civic hall for a neurological
meeting –
it’s all possessive] –

I watched greetings –
as if on
a screen –
a detestable time –
premonitions quivered –
to feign a commitment –

recompense –
love was just a
kick [to any head] –
illness – a
problem unexamined [by any
self-centred eye] –
I saw it –

hate [too possessive] was my
sickness [my auld consultant
scribed after it all –
Michael –
she was not committed] –

I live without that hardening
desire under my bed sheets –
Recovering enough to now –
too [equally] now –
& imbibe

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