A Death in the Family

There will be less pairs of socks
to sort – her laundry basket has
missingness of heavier clothing
[no knottings by sizes or weight
of befouled things]/ His spectre
troubles dark bedroom corners
as she undresses for her throng
of none & what to do with it all?

He had departed – left her to fill
black plastic sacks with this crap
& to haul them to charity shops/
Would she see him [decapitated
& stiff] in Age Concern in his old
suit & then be stripped – Fifteen
quid? She had undressed for less
in better times – a sick marriage

& that’d done for him – they said
as she knelt without any prayers
for their life after such]/ His coat
was spotted – shrugged among
happy men at coffee & chat – a
heatwave will shift his ghost [she
proclaimed quietly to no one as
she bagged his worldly remains]