2219: A High Wire Act

I struggle on skiddy mud –
my dog knows it – On our
path are imprints of boot
& hoof – a score of paws –

a pressed mash of others’
steps – slippery – viscous –
man-traps – just for me – I
gauge my centre – finding

my balance on each yard
on my cross-field trip – As
my tread loses grip I fall –
I throw my arms wide – a

high-wire act gone wrong
[above a scary clown] – In
a second I re-set – righted
& sure [momentarily] my

fleet dog twists to see me
succeed – a yap – as I step
without a slip – no errors –
enough to stay upright to

plod to my resting place –
A trembling circus turn’ll
not last a season [unless
I defy Sir Issac’s weights]

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