A Last Bit Part Player

Mike Bell/ December 8, 2021/ www.mikebellpoems.com/ 0 comments

There is no casting to redirect
his life from his never endings
& missing plot lines – comedy

won’t cure him – There they’ll
review each yet-cut scene in a
screening room in Wardour St

as traffic backs up below – His
dessies are worn through – no
way they’ll last one more day –

best to buy suitable boots – In
less leaner years his balances
read fat with credit [when his

name rolled up on openings –
billings high] – This last scene
will be his finest – no director

or a cutting room debacle [in
his palms plenty of cut drugs
to get him off – a calm prayer

offered up] – He’ll not learn a
part – instead playing himself
[until this last act is cropped]

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