A Leader

Mike Bell/ December 23, 2021/ www.mikebellpoems.com/ 0 comments

Auld Italian boys & women
dance hard to Sorrentino’s

medley of thrashing beats –
takes us by a treat of track

& pan – his eye lines a room
& finds subtle debauchery –

in this grip his political shot
will ring in Italy – Marx sighs

over an unshared bed – His
mardy lead man is needled

by an act of migraines as an
Alfa Romeo discharges thin-

suited hips – Andreotti is an
auld fox – Put bets on death

as Lima fell – a Mafia-hit – In
confession he found irony a

thick enough armour to aid
his continuation with power

as Transgressions bled [from
hired glasses] – His theoretic

empire rubbed reality’s nose
in an Italian chaos of politics

& frail successions – In Calvi’s
knotty suicide lies hung – We

feed on ripe fruits of chance
Perspicaciousness fixes it all

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