1687: A Meeting

As if too bent – forwards – tipped
& bare-assed with such? Scents!!
Perfuming @ a short distance [@
my length of such average-ishing
extent – perhaps that is that ‘why’
we fell – that was it] Sex was less
& not enough – screw of old love
[of poor man hugs under that lie]
You cannot place cries? Hear – &
now – a maw of new-ish troubles
by wet grips [heard – Let ’em go –
& slip on others now – his words]
Never let your body be a corpse –
do not fall for another’s cold grip
even if you can suppress all slips
This is love’s first cry / Sent/deny
makes you a joke before old lies
We should curl among shadows –
finding finger-lengthenings first &
then white flesh – almost burnt by
undressing – listen out for taunts
We are naked boys – not normals
as our bare backs rub sunlight in
Such a vast straw-pricked holiday

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