A Nice Spot

Some’ll bait [little empathy –
spit indifferently & she did]/
I want to bed down [now] in
these woods & never get up
[but I fear my dog would not
sit still for long enough] – no
outdoor decomposition – rot
not yet – no decay in peace?
No choice? Please – a minute
spent between bared roots –
let me lie wet & cold – shake
to exposure’s severe hold [&
then dream of dew & no lies
to face] Her kiss dries on her
mother’s forked tongue – old
tarts pet under full moons &
blow sour breath – both ends
stink of decaying meat/ We’ll
return to addled quiet spots –
once affiances are corrupted
& there unearth a low place –
this hollow is ample for me –
don’t put down my loud dog