A Trapped Bee

To catch a bee take one
Bengal Spice Takeaway
menu & a tall Ikea glass
from where such sit [six

in all – five not touched]
& approach that vibrant
striped blob as it bumps
against a filthy pane – in

your mind picture it in a
field [no dirty trap] – it is
so worth exiguous effort
[never wonder if there is

any value in such an act]
& weigh it – a stoup – in a
sure hand – hold its base
& take aim – rim first over

that quick fervour [get to
see its volant intricacies –
believe in its importance
to us all – not just a bee] –

Place it around vibrancy
& slip that menu through
without catching it – trap
it now – lift it – quiverings

in that shift of air – it will
hum – a drum skin listing
food [& free delivery] – as
you tip it clear to outside