A Well

Mike Bell/ October 6, 2021/ www.mikebellpoems.com/ 0 comments

For F

Annafrieda – a Saxon lady –
found her dead lover [it is
said] & her tumbling tears

miraculously turned into a
muddied rising of waters –
funnelled for takers’ sups

from a chalybeate spring
[anointed – St Ann’s Well]
We let our two dogs drag

us past Annafrieda’s tears
& our guts sloshed [some
bars do not open Monday

in Hove] – Our tree-dotted
rise took us by busy roads –
Victoriana as rows – & via

rising paths to Preston Pk
& your home – I will allow
St Anne to pour iron & salt

into my open resolve – I’ll
then sup on your springs –
embrace such drownings

as I circle yesterday’s scour
of ex-lovers’ stains [guilt &
remorse dried their stream]


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