Mike Bell/ December 24, 2021/ 0 comments

I was equally unimpressed
at valedictions [as at that
first greeting] & obviously
kind – I conjure myriads of

those filed lies [& pilfered
testimonials] & of flushing
rashes of embarrassment –
Such burns’ll fade in time

& other bare truths ‘came
mine – Here – my solutions
listing flaky convictions in
my truth-fluid recoding of

posts – Books are too hard
[she read nowt] – Poetry? I
see she scrolled on as they
piled evidence by my lines

of verse-trolls – all eyed-at
[here is a clue – seventeen
across – Sicilian stirs car] –
Word puzzles stretch her –

I revisit our Goodbyes – My
estimations I screwed into
balls & into a redundancy –
then put aside [recyclings]

& not for re-use – no clues
to show me – I was tricked
by a foolish rush of gold &
blood & by thickened love

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