#2,384 Anhedonia

W*nking money on local trades –
that blissful investment in sour-
men-who-now-need-paying –
slightly higher return on a refit-
home –
none’ll remain – this
is a shallow pit of intransigence
& profiteering
[a southern town
with no shame] –
your kids’ll not
settle here –
Tories & red-necks
prop up bars & coffee counters –
compassionate Christians carry
out bags to charity shops –
to unload
[stripped down souls
in larger sizes] –
Six weeks until
we can turn up to work

recently –
someone happy with
what they have got –
a rare spot
for any socio-economist’s note
of small town consumers –
it ten years & house-fixers’ll all
give up –
scorch of back garden
lawn & power cuts –
off –
How much?
Drives‘ll melt
as EVs sit –
Pensions will shrink
in a Med-like heat –
No escapes –
no Plan B to sink your equity in
& anyway [by then] we’ll all pay
direct for our ageing social care