#2,628 Another lost weekend

Mike Bell/ February 27, 2023/ www.mikebellpoems.com

Another lost weekend
a half-known city] will be
a temporary residency in
my sojourns –
cold fear of
dying solus focus ‘gain as
I sit in a church –
Église du

a grand hall
for God’s coercions –
am I
A flow of others to
hidden parts
[in His place
of prayers] corrects me –
am wrong to so assume &
assumption is our Mother
of all Fuck-ups –
[Mary too
takes a role] –
Outside this
auld surviving ark a police
siren plies its comedy wail
up Rue de Bègles
[a toll of
bells –
dream hole-high in
reply] –
I leave this behind
as I return to my nulle part

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