Auden said

Mike Bell/ November 17, 2021/ 0 comments

Auden said we are by nature actors
who cannot become something ‘til
we have first pretended to be it – as

our lines are edited & reduced we’ll
speak less – enough never said – We
play our parts with a gifted aplomb

until we drop – I am a failed actor of
sorts without an agent to support [I
gave 50% to less worthy causes] – In

rehearsal rooms we sat face-to-face
pretending to be in love – it went on
until our show closed after a critical

mauling – Here is a poster I signed in
my one star room [my name second
under another] – no equal billing she

said between slick negotiations – I’m
retired now – a coastal couch – in this
home for auld thesps – shit parts left

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