Mike Bell

Mike Bell writes one poem every day - one a day since 5th November 2015 www.mikebellpoems.com

A Path in Israel

It was a path from another time,
Your enquiry made of an ant-marched line…

Written On Sunday

We will now stand scared,
because of you:
Cursing Europe’s
unlocked sea-view.


Sunrise not yet strained
over my unlit house;
under that roof sleeps
a large sweet percentage of my reason
to stand at my designs and effort..

Night Rain

The summer showers,
(dried peas on the roof),
woke me to pre-dawn light.
A visit to the loo..

This Day

This day is unsteady,
an earthquake,
instead of a tremor,
as I am walked
by the all-pull-dog ..

A Son

A son: Thomas Howard,
Fourteen years old,
Was lain, hardly checked,
To enter the cold:

Park Football Parents

Sunlight momentarily exploded
from behind fleet clouds –
then was gone [sleet-showered] &
a return to mourn-shift-shrouds