Best Before Dates

Mike Bell/ September 6, 2021/ 0 comments

Tarry for new opening hours
for men with rough hands [a
bulk discount for a fat one?] –

& once all sperm is shot they
are no more in love & lust is

as flaccid as a used condom –
& did she demand her rubber
barrier with everyone? As his

cock limps ‘gainst her looser
skin she recalls lost onces [&

‘pon-a-times] & dignity weeps
with each new cock’s eye – In
her head she’s so shy – & time

retires as soft memories fade
[cruelty is now her necessity]

& a neighbour whispers that a
princess has tipped her [fake]
tiara at too many non-princes

& her kingdom has come – We
will see one high & mighty fall

& other lines are added to her
gossipy biography [& still she
opens for fat men for favours]

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