1880: Bid Them Gone

You’d think – by now –
I’d have worked it out/
But that luxury favours
those who sleep & do
not dream/ I will wake
with a sour taste from
slept conversations &
cinematic sweeps [Are
remainders well worth
recalling?] That replay
& memory-fools of my
waste of numb’d years
[my night mixes them
into bitter cocktails]/I
shake more these days

They still hurry ahead
of me [so it goes] – not
seeing how my legs &
limbs give up/ Loss of
sight? Bliss if you don’t
want to know/ & that
recall? It disconnects –
jigsaw-scattered parts
undone – it fades/ But
my memories [verities]
remain – Google it! A
sad-now photo gallery
cannot correct fictions
or restore am image to
your reverie’s eyesight/
Bid them gone – Mike!
[so it goes] it is undone

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