#2,480 Big Nip & Fat Lip

Mike Bell/ July 26, 2022/ www.mikebellpoems.com/ 0 comments

Big Nip & Fat Lip sipped
their chilled beers after
work – un-spoke notes –
didn’t chat [men don’t]
& revisited their ill-hush
‘hind skinny rims of so-
expensive lager – a cool
they agreed – sat
in a pair as if lovers [but
not] – their cocks itched –
silence spooled at a B77
rate [tape-strung] – cool
they cooed in unison – A
lemure slipped between
them – wearing nothing –
Big Nip covered his tits –
Fat Lip curled a wee grin
[of pain] – that ghost sat
so tight – too close again

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