Bloodied Strips

Mike Bell/ October 20, 2021/ 0 comments

Perhaps don’t examine
each other’s scars – not
too closely [in intimacy
we should moor – blind
from behind] – too near

is a problem for some &
kinks for others – I have
many distortions on me
& I bear curdled spots &
a tendency to itch risen

fixed places [auld welts
my flooded wells filling
from my soul – God tugs
on a golden rope] – Mr L
Cohen won Scar Fettler

ten years in a row [he is
no longer running] – We
will benefit from sun-lit
hills & olive leaves – odd
hours of shade & sips of

red wine – lips bloodied
& left to heal – Pull on a
weight from below it – I
am ruffled skin & bone –
Bucket Salesman of ‘21

[a runner up in ‘20] – We
will haul a near-fix scab
& find lazier blood – less
speed to bloom – close –
almost-healed flesh will

act as if done – Cracks in
coverings best set to dry
under an Israel sky – [my
nephews & nieces don’t
see cuts in Netzer Sereni

where they run between
heights & stripping back
places] – I do not know if
either side is right – [I am
a foreign body [in Israel]

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