Bob Mortimer is Dead

Episode 5 Desert Island Discs [2019]

When Bob Mortimer is dead
he is off to some fantastic place
[& James Moir will fall apart]

Bob will renounce his home –
one last time – unless he gets
to be laid beside other long-

loved pets – down his garden/
Looking’ll come to be a hobby
‘cos his stare will be sooo hard

in his head [slept upon a moist
pillow]/ Fools ease [secluded]
& are left alone for a festering

until putrefied/ Haul ‘im off to
Poets’ Corner when well-soft –
just to annoy every reverential

buff of well-received wordage
& verse – clowns are required/
Fools missing Footlight’s glint

will [eventually] be recognised
as poetic-gods – we will pray –
such adjustments are needed