2197: Breaking Rules

Rise from a bed of screwed-
up limbs & kicked-at covers
& bare your exigent bruises
& sordid – brazen – candour

& gather stripped off layers
[& avoid making any noise –
notifications hover – muted
rings – doubt cuts-off] & let

every bedroom door swing –
go [scurry] – leave – rush – &
drive home to a regular life –
Return with foul-tasting lips

& raw niggles of banal texts –
[they do not assure those at
rest] – Give up your conceits
& tricks [return a fool’s vow]

as a thin remorse dries hard
between your legs – Steer &
slide into your home – push
dirty laundry [deeper now!]

& cache plastic connections
in a rummage of underwear
[first rules were fast broken –
as you addled usual orders]

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