British Christmas Turkeys

Mike Bell/ October 17, 2021/ 0 comments

It was a dread of Turks [a thinly
disguised racist-rally call] – that
led us to cock-ups of shortages
[right-to-party] – divergences of
priorities set alight by politicos

aiming to inflame hate – greed &
corridor lust – PPE contracts – A
PM formed by Mummy’s loss [&
still he’ll bray & will never give a
toss for anyone below his class]

as oils lie on holiday snapshots –
as kids live off charity handouts
& have no hope of an Eton Mess
at Christmas [turkey off that list
& longed-for xmas pressies too]

as Cold War Steve cuts & pastes
& ‘papers fold to hide headlines
that’ll never unmask sticky MPs
[with a backhanded complaint]
& kiddies wait on Santa’s sleigh

to unload under cabotage rules
across [just] three rooftops & in
time there’ll be trucks of turkey
to share [Boris promises it all to
we Brits – mires – his Xmas gifts]

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