By Metanoia

Mike Bell/ October 15, 2021/ 0 comments

By inverted metanoia
he was transformed –
beyond indulgence of

self – Un-born [again]
as Metanoia [that old
goddess with sorrow]

walked with Kairos – a
double act of regret &
givers of slipped hope

by mythical acts – So I
read to him & he cried
aloud at her veil made

of grey flax – thin to let
light in – to see him – A
kiss off Metanoia’s lips

enough to greet death –
an act best avoided – I
told him – [Off stage] –

sound of hooves – In a
cage swung a monkey
[now dead] – it was all

bare bone – enough to
pass as a child to men
[with no knowledge of

how things are] – He is
an innocent abroad – a
lie off Metanoia’s cries

for revenge on all time
[she loved him at each
hour’s ring] – I am him

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