Cabin Fever

Mike Bell/ November 7, 2021/ 0 comments

I’m seeking out a choice cabin
to hide within [from banshees

& men with angst in their soul
who lose control] – I put vases

out – watered – thickened with
locally-cut faunas & I will cook

locally-slaughtered creatures –
There will be beautiful visitors

who’ll upset rhythms & axe all
my minutes up with enquiries

about me & there’ll be midge-
biting in my planning – We will

foxtrot ‘til midnight – sweating
small steps – I know my right &

my left – I’ll screen Black Bear –
coincidences – & poetry’ll rub

in my hand – Perhaps I’ll end it
all in one quick verse – enough

My cabin will smell of timber &
varnish – my carcinogenic stuff

before midnight’s call to bed – I
can sulk [with my finest malt in

hand] – We will call on locals [a
mutual distrust’ll exist – thence

as a film crew flies in] – Extras &
local background artistes need

to feed [enough] – In writ lines
by screenwriters I will read this

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