Car Hire Story

Mike Bell/ August 10, 2016/ 0 comments

“I do prefer travelling on my own,
She’s two hours early
for everything:
Had a lovely car, a Yaris;
I saw my model out there.

“This Yaris was fantastic,
had everything on it:
The kids Bluetoothed,
Leave it I’m driving
I don’t want it on! I said.

“Coming in to land,
landing at five-fifteen,
through by six:
Hire car place not open
until eight in the morning!

“Had a coffee:
Couldn’t pick it up until 11:
They would call me, Have a coffee,
Already had fucking three!
No calls from them over five hours.

“But my son rang me,
See my number was working,
I said to the woman,
so they gave me a
hundred dollar discount.”

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