1707: Carshalton

Travel to a 1970’s grey suburb –
to my dad’s father’s door – here
be greeted by my dad’s father’s
second wife – Dorothy [a demur
woman in spectacles – quiet as
a mouse [a dormouse] A docile
creature in my recall of frosted
history] We were pulled by Ford
& Austin engines / We surged &
occupied – four loud boys upon
relatives’ homes [orders – not to
touch anything – all breakages to
be paid for – in too many ways]/
We were a quick swarm of flies
[characterised by Golding’s law
of maleness] / We were tucked
in & deposited – our parents set
straight by pre-war handbooks/
I remember my tiny hope [such
as those that offspring nurture]
that my parents were beautiful –
under their obvious ugly masks

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