#2,646 Ciphers

It gets deposited & left
to work [a brief code] –

a now-common rub in
our shift-of-rules lives –

I am learning them all –
easy distortions that’ll

fix into convention – as
time runs its cut I write

my daily dull turns – in
my hand my verb-book

of verse [transmitted &
left difficult on-line] – a

word-burst ‘mongst my
hours now – my signals

sure to fade [cipher-fed
airwaves will fall away] –

I knew a listener – he sat
over his ale – Russian his

second language – used
abroad now – he retired

from a listening game &
knew more than others –

a career in-between his
friends & cold enemies –

he had enough of both –
& I will finish with mine

over a slow pint [& time
at my heel] – code done