David Said

Mike Bell/ December 15, 2021/ www.mikebellpoems.com/ 0 comments

It will be so in sympatico [our futures
back then – nineteen nighty-nine] – a
time to wear our loud identity badge
in a sour public place – Now – box our
oneness & exist – We hate ourselves &
they know how much [& how too] – &
cancel out others with easy crowding
of fools – as Instagram-set numbering
deems authority to another – Slip this
lesson to us [foolish – banal] – We will
allow stupidities expressed – then we
can let them hang – each distressed –
by public lynchings of foulest taste &
others’ll then imbibe poisonous spit
cussed out – Look at your feeds roll &
choose to stop trusting them [& now
full of poison] – leave from mentions

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