#2,585 Deaf Loops

Mike Bell/ December 30, 2022/ www.mikebellpoems.com

I grew up via sound levels
shown on metered swings
in those half-roadie days –
& then by digital flickering
[a coming of age in SPLs] –

An amp spat its green LED
spikes at me – I’m not deaf
[yet] – but I struggle with a
conversation when held in
full bars & sweaty parties –

my lip-reading skills [@ nil]
serve me mutely – a night
of guess-words & my nods
as if I know what is said – a
dull affliction – a reduction

of opportunity to know all
about someone else’s eye-
line view of things – p’raps
I should buy a discreet aid
for my so-quieter auld age

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