Dirty Washing

Mike Bell/ October 4, 2021/ www.mikebellpoems.com/ 0 comments

Do not give me a dirty look
until you know all our dirty
truth [love & hate are equal

in their weighting of it] – An
ultimatum was passed on –
of stopping it – that did it in

[along with not-desiring ties
after lies] – There is a stench
from that flooded reach of a

[useless] ditch – smell it now
as it rises up with heavy rain

[above banked constraints] –
a rat swims fast upstream to
less swollen parts – I see in a

turned head all that was said
by a slanted mouth – spittle’ll
drip on other lips – damp will

fester & you will smell of piss
[tug off a man’s tight pants –
until you admit knowing less

after examining dried facts –
after every flood is redacted]

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