#2,528 Divining

Saint John said
Where there is
no love put love –
& you’ll find

an itinerant preacher of
relevance –
My baptism by a kiss –
an anointing by lips under her
showerhead’s rush –
there my
grip works
[other parts not so
quick t’ function –
for now] –
crawled into sleep –
as if dead
[forgive my hefts of
air & grunts
] –
Under her lawns
flows a holier source of water –
found by a diviner –
a well will
be bored –
she will drill
[& her
store will burst] –
almost a holy
act by that drilled commission
from under a diviner’s crosses
on dry grass –
to form a pond –
in which she’ll dip
[to lustrate
& take me in] –
pooling to love?