1666: Dog Walking

To get her to release
push your finger into
her mouth & she’ll let
go – it’s easy – I agree

We followed our path
of likely slips in mud –
negotiating slopes &
wind-lowered boughs

as our foolish puppies
spun around at blind
games of crashing &
jaws – snapping wild –

their paths expanded
to take them through
places suited to their
unknown hiding prey

But not us – we hiked
on that marked route
without a way around
storm-dropped pools

& then talked about it
Me: Your thoughts plot
your happiness – easy
for you to say – unsaid

by her – So I have to let
them loose – unhooked
& not attend to what is
carried in their mouths

But she’ll always worry
too much about riddles
& puzzles set by doubt
Dog walks taken by us

are a way to talk freely –
without tied constraints
of cups of tea or facing
each other – we walk on

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