2174: Dotal

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For F

Feel her kiss – burgeoning
becomes allowed [seek it
so your skin is dressed by
unexpected things – warm
through] – beauty comes –

it meets you as you swivel
from one ugly salutation –
[by one best forgotten – by
a sourness – best ignored –
of your misrepresentation

in words] – Greet her now –
greet her kiss – follow her –
to her bed [there – where it
is said she will embrace all
of your faults & not query a

thing] – rarely stories begin
with such openings – follow
her to her bare sunned skin
undone on white cotton – A
night to be taken in with all

your errors written-off – So –
so it begins – understanding
her difference to you – not a
comparison to – Kissing will
beget – such a rare antidote

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