Down the Line, for GG

Mike Bell/ May 21, 2016/ 0 comments

Pitch-side, shivered, we parents all cheer,
in debt to our coaches, these great volunteers:

Now it is time to thank ‘The Special One’:
Gary.. here’s some highlights of what you have done:

He stands in all weathers, foul, fair, frost-nosed,
just like his demeanour, his language, it glows:

In Crowborough, he crowed: ‘Johnny get the ball!’
‘No Johnny! No Johnny! Johnny don’t fall!’

In Eastbourne he echoed: ‘Aidan! Good save!’
‘No Aidan, no Aidan, kick it that way!’

To Reegan and Reiss: ‘Stop hugging each other,’
‘Carry on like that, and I’ll tell your mothers!’

In Tonbridge his tone was more forgiving:
‘Ethan, shoot!.. Eeethan! Ethan keep going!’

But back in Maresfield, his grump was returning:
‘Harry.. Get up! Harryyy! Harry you ain’t ‘urtin!”

Substitutions to make, but who to choose?
‘Wilf! get off! You’re having a mood!’

Recently he’s been very kind to the new:
‘Harvey! Sam!… I’m not subbing you!’

Gary shouts to Robbie, his voice almost gone:
‘Robbieeee, Robbie! Run! Push-on!’

‘Bobby! Bo-bbyyy! Down the line!
‘Run fast with the balls, I used to with mine!’

Other blood-ties are passed more motivation:
‘Fred! Frrrrrred! That’s the wrong direction!’

As Connor dives right, Gary screams loud:
‘Hold the ball Connor! No punching allowed!’

Daniel, broken-wristed, he’s missed some fun,
Gary assures him, ‘You’re not the only one!’

Hayden kicks hard, hitting Gary in his goolies:
Later, that night, Heidi will check the family-jewellery.

So a thank you, Gary, for your fabulous coaching,
A unique approach – it means that we win most things,

The big thing the lads have learnt in all your time,
Is to keep passing: ‘Pass it, Pass it! Down the bloomin’ line!’

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