Economics for Dummies

We are in mass flight to
eighteenth century lust
for life [but w/wifi] – 1%
win – as first-borns grab
it all – nothing else’ll do

beyond an inheritance –
robbed cash runs down
to rich baby-makers – &
our labour is sold [unto
gambling tools] as fools

follow fools as we all do
our best to convince our
peers we are above such
stupidly [less out of date
stuff] – & then we suck in

nationalism’s wet stench
[scents of wage decline’ll
be sniffed at – bet shares
smell better to Gekkos] &
we are promised a bigger

slice of a smaller pie – We
see less now – our vote is
traded before we pass Go
& collect – perniciousness
is rife – better off’ll better

us in our heads but never
in wallets or time worked
per hour [& debt’s weight
squeezes time off us] – we
are all nearly down-&-out