#2,677 Finally bathed in sunlight

Mike Bell/ June 3, 2023/ www.mikebellpoems.com

Finally bathed in sunlight
without resorting to flight
& carbon weight of e-gate
frustrations – staycation’s
[shifted] response to how
it has to be – Fixing in this
unreformed country [of a
billion lies] – heat’ll slump
across county lines – East
Sussex a playground for a
weekend of bankers to hit
up local cocaine dealers –
weekly retreats – sniffin’ &
then excreting – Sewage’ll
pile higher & stink more &
no one will fix it this year –
or next – Less Is More was
writ in loud brand-hit font
on a slide I clicked – A city
gig of suits & cock-suckers
sat on real Eames rockers –
my daily rate not enough –
they blew more on lunch –
My neck is burnt here by a
sun that will claim us all &
not give a fuck for bankers
or sucker-uppers – Fire all
those yet-met credit notes
& then seek a last revenge
by effacing plots to escape
to far off temperate places
[we staycaters seek ultion]

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