Flood Warnings

Mike Bell/ October 1, 2021/ www.mikebellpoems.com/ 0 comments

Multiple Bézier curves switch
underfoot – runnels – streams
of banked up fallen leaves – a
foul rain played overnight – a

storm – near-monsoon – was
labelled [by a meteorologist] –
Now wonted pummellings &
flash floods [no longer weird

events] – Rewrite of rulings of
all countryman acuity – cattle
& skies sow a faux reading – &
AI threats of rain will be reset

& new perils forecast – I cross
mown fields silvered by flood
levels – my annals of seasonal
knowing cannot be entrusted

to my children – we are willing
them weather-warnings in our
wake of blown purchases – I’ll
slowly wade in a risen freshet –

a brown eddy – mud & shit will
rise from below us as if a sign –
as Noah rises from his tomb to
eschew his covenant with God

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