#2,520 He decreed

He decreed that only lovers
would survive His final act –
without stating what it was
[or when it would enact] –
new Christ not to be found
in time to shield singletons
from His fist [only lovers to
survive His fast closing act –
lovers bear such art] –
a slick flourish He forsook a
hundred million lonely men
& women via several nights
of lust –
Tangier first
[& then
Madrid] –
He preferred heat
to cold –
He drank on blood
& sweat –
Disfigurements by
a murderer’s hand were His
across ruined continents –
pile of unkissed carcasses in
each capital bore a mark off
his rings –
in time flesh falls –
in time lovers die & His plan
will fail –
until then He killed